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29/04/2012, Orange County Resort, Kabini


This is our travel plan for tomorrow. Close to the furthest south I’ve been (Lucky, eager Doug has been to Kochi) and definitely the most wild and foresty I’ve been. I’ll be back posting on Monday.

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INDIA. Tamil Nadu. Kanyakumari. Meals ready. ⓒ Julie Mayfeng


A time lapse shot of Bengaluru’s skyline, stitched out of 5 individual images shot from 6:52pm to 7:00pm [2 minute intervals].


Rajasthan Trip 2012

The officer, based on the preliminary investigation, said that Manjunath and his associates allegedly accosted the duo in the corridor of the Magistrate court and abused the police personnel recalling the March 2 violence, which took place on the City Civil Court premises.

The situation worsened after they allegedly attempted to misbehave with the woman constable besides abusing her in a filthy language.

Advocates assault police at magistrate court complex, Bangalore | The Hindu

There’s ongoing conflict between the lawyers (“advocates”) and police of Bangalore. It started weeks ago, with a traffic cop getting in an altercation over helmet wear, and has snowballed to a boycott, a march, a riot, and now personal abuse.

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